May 27th, 2009

A Marketing Perspective to the Swine Flu

swine-fluUm texto de Milene Laube

A Marketing perspective to the swine flu.
What does the current event of the swine flu have to do with Marketing? Probably nothing some might say…but let’s just theorize it has. How could that be?

Let’s say the current swine flu event is a test market. There is an identifiable mark (the swine genetic content) with which scientists can track how far and how fast it spreads. The media and health agencies leverage the process creating some sort of smokescreen (leading to social panic) so that people all over the world (global test target) participate without a critical mind. People are told about the potential pandemia (there is always some sort of controlled information that is released to the test target) and everybody starts focusing (predictable behavior generated by the controlled information released) on trying to find out the number of people that died due to the swine flu and all possible ways to prevent the contamination. Information about those measures pops all over the internet (evokes a collective behavior, keeping people alert with a feel they are in control as those measures make sense, however the scientists that release the controlled info know that the measures will NOT prevent the spread of the swine flu).

A test market is a marketing tool used to launch new products or promotion/advertising campaigns. If the test results meet the action standard and it is proven successful, then there is a GO decision for the launch.

What if the theory above is right? Should we worry about this eminent launch? What will it be? Whose interests are behind it? Governments and biological warfare? Pharmaceutical companies and new expensive medicines and vaccines? Conspiracy theory and destruction of a third of the world’s population? The 3 combined?

The swine flu might just be another contagious disease that happened by chance…Who knows? Fortunately it seems that the complications of the swine flu are similar to the common flu and let’s hope it continues this way.